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GLP’s Facebook Central London Support Group

– GLP’s Facebook Central London Support Group – Stay tuned at 11.30am for daily live interviews of business owners

If there was one positive thing to take out of these challenging times, it would be the extreme solidarity that small businesses continue to show with the community they evolve with and depend from.

Many of these small companies rely almost exclusively on their local community, and the current situation has made it more and more difficult for them to keep their heads above water.

Since the end of March, we have been experiencing a change in the way people are doing business as everyone has had to adapt to this unusual situation. Some business owners (or sometimes staff members) have come up with new ideas to generate revenue, but have also learnt to help their local community, get involved with charities or create projects that gather several industries or businesses.

As a local estate agent, Greater London Properties have always been the link between tenants and landlords, vendors and buyers, and is also involved with local communities and businesses in Soho, Covent Garden, Bloomsbury, Kings Cross, Fitzrovia and Marylebone

In those times of isolation, GLP has made it its mission to reinforce its role as a “bridge” between businesses and residents of Central London, and to help people connect with each other around different topics and interests.

The Central London Support Network’s Facebook Group was designed to support independent businesses whilst helping residents feeling part of that community, and has rapidly grown, showing the need for people to be in involved in their local life!

Giving companies as much exposure as possible is very important as this might help keep them on people’s radar. But it is GLP’s philosophy to think that showing the faces of humans behind those companies and those great initiatives is even more important. You will be able to meet them on Facebook soon!

Live on Facebook

Everyday at 11.30am (Mon-Fri), Bloomsbury Branch Manager Megan goes live on Facebook for a conversation with an independent business owner of Central London.

It is by sharing those great ideas and small tips that we can help more and more local shop owners. This short format is perfect to get insights on how to adapt to the situation and get some key answers to your questions as a business owner. Residents will find plenty of tools and tips from their favourite local shops, restaurants, gyms etc…!

If you want to go live and speak to us about your industry or share anything relevant to this group, please contact Megan at [email protected], or on Instagram @greaterlondonproperties.

Coming soon…

  • “Innovative ways to battle the lockdown” with Fi Titus, the creative founder of Lime Hut, a healthy Caribbean market stall on the famous Berwick Street market in Soho.
  • “How to stay motivated and fit at home” with The Fore, Fitness Gym in Kings Cross
  • “How a team of hospitality workers are raising money for providing meals to the key workers of the NHS” with Hospitality For Heroes, and its founder, Oli Coles.
  • Arabica London and many more to come…


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