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Best areas to live in London

What are the best areas to live in London?

London is a great place to live. The capital city has everything you need within easy reach and getting around is easy. If you are planning on moving to London and need tips on great places to live, then our London realtor has a compact list for you. Here are the best areas to live in London:


Also called Richmond upon Thames, this area in South West London is one of the safest places to live. The park by the river is home to deer and the open space makes a beautiful picnic spot on those bright summer days. Richmond has a great social life with many pubs and a buzzing cultural scene. With a low crime rate, Richmond is also a good place for families with children.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is located in West London and is one of the trendiest places in the city. The cafés, pubs, Portobello Market, and general vibrant culture means that you will never be bored here. There are carnivals, lots of shopping options, and brunch at fancy restaurants in Notting Hill. Young professionals who enjoy the upbeat lifestyle will love loving in this part of London.


Clapham is in South West London and like Notting Hill, is a vibrant and trendy place to live in. The area attracts a wide variety of residents from families to students and working professionals. The rent and property prices vary widely from one place to another in Clapham, so you might want to shop around a bit to find a bargain that suits you. The nightlife in Clapham is all abuzz as are the cafés and restaurants. Everyone has something to do here, making it one of the best areas to live in London.


Fashionable Hackney is all the rage with the hipster crowd, and this comes as no surprise. The East London location boasts some of the best restaurants in the city. The popularity of the area has grown steadily over the last few years, resulting in a rise in rents as well, but you can always find a place that fits your budget if you know where to look.

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