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Best Removal Companies In London

Best Removal Companies In London

If you are planning to rent or buy in London, then you will definitely need to know the Best Removal Companies In London to use. Greater London Properties, London’s largest independent estate agent helped us zero in on the best removal companies that you could hire to ensure your complete peace of mind on the move. Here are a few of the Best Removal Companies In London :

Kiwi Movers

Established over a decade ago in 2007, Kiwi Movers is a reputed moving company based in Wandsworth that provides a comprehensive range of professional moving services. With a passionate team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, Kiwi Movers offer cost-effective removal solutions for both residential as well as commercial setups. Greater London Properties have worked alongside Kiwi Movers over 3 years – Quote ‘GLP’ when booking your quote and you will receive a discount!

Bright Movers

A North London removal company, Bright Movers, is rated among the most favored moving companies in the entire city. The company is known for its friendly attitude and fair pricing that ensures a hassle-free move.

Fast Forward Group

Ever since its establishment in 1979, the Fast Forward Group has maintained a consistent record of being among the most popular and reliable moving companies in London. The company offers an entire range of moving as well as storage services for everything ranging from small-scale moves to full properties.

DBM Express

Located in North London, DBM Express is a reputed moving company that offers a wide selection of services including packing, moving, crate hiring and storage facilities to streamline your move. DBM translates to “Devoted Boundless Movers” which is exactly what this company is all about according to its reviewers.

Rogers Removals

A family-run removal company, Rogers Removals was founded in 1969 by an ex-Navy officer Dennis Rogers. With an enormous fleet of over 11 removal trucks, Rogers Removals has been a very popular service provider among some really famous celebrities with the likes of Robert Pires, Damian Lewis, and Liam Gallaghar.

Moving Home Company

The Moving Home Company is also one of the Best Removal Companies In London that specialize in packing fragile items as well as packing for overseas export. In addition to this, the company also offers handyman and cleaning services in London as well!


Hopefully this gives you plenty of ideas on where to look for the Best Removal Companies In London! So, if you are looking to buy or rent in Central London before your removal, please give a call to Greater London Properties on 0207 734 4062 or visit our website and our team of experts will help!





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