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How safe is Soho London

How safe is Soho, London?

How Safe is Soho?

If you are considering relocating to or staying in Soho, London, one of the main questions that you might have is how safe is the area? After all, when moving to a new place, you will want to be sure that you and your personal belongings are safe there. Soho is one of the most popular and vibrant areas of London with both locals and tourists alike. It is well-known for its eclectic and buzzing combination of different restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs and is a firm favourite with professionals, creatives, students and visitors to London. With more affordable housing planned for Soho in the near future, the number of people moving to this area is on the rise. If you’re considering moving to Soho, how safe is the area exactly, and what can you do to make it safer?

How Safe is Soho London?

Thanks to its central London location, you will be glad to hear that Soho is relatively safe. The area tends to be well-lit and quite busy each night due to the selection of bars and clubs on offer, which helps to keep the crime rates down and deter anyone who might be up to no good. Both residents of Soho and visitors to the area report feeling fairly safe while here, even when alone or after dark. Public transport through Soho is regular and reliable, and if you find yourself in a tight spot or sticky situation there is usually always somewhere open where you will be able to ask for assistance.

Is Soho in London Safe?

Soho is relatively safe, comparable to the rest of the Central London area. The busy bars and restaurants in the area combined with well-lit areas mean that there are plenty of deterrents for crime, however, there are several things that you can do to reduce your risk of being a target. Despite the crime rates being relatively low, crime does still occur in Soho and theft is one of the most common. Keeping your valuables out of sight is good advice to consider when you are in Soho, whether they are on your person or being left in a vehicle.

Is Soho London Safe for Tourists?

Tourists enjoy Soho since it is the ideal area for meeting up with friends or family, enjoying a meal, or diving into the London nightlife with a party. While Soho doesn’t have as many of the big attractions and landmarks that you will find in many other Central London districts, you can be sure that it’s the best place to be if you want to enjoy the best of what the London lifestyle has to offer and all the best social aspects of the capital. Tourists are typically safe in Soho, however, it’s worth keeping basic safety guidelines in mind including keeping valuables out of sight and being vigilant to scams and tourist traps.

Is Soho London a Safe Place to Stay?

Although Soho is a small area that does not have a huge selection of hotels to choose from, it is a relatively safe and enjoyable place to stay for those who decide to book a night or two here. Along with some chain hotels, you can also find a range of Bed and Breakfast options and Airbnb homes that have become increasingly more popular over the past few years.

Right now, one of the biggest safety questions that potential visitors to Soho may have is in regard to COVID19. The global pandemic has left us more concerned about our health and safety than ever before, with people looking for reassurance that their safety will be a top priority wherever they visit. If you are planning to visit Soho in the future, you’ll be glad to hear that businesses in this area are following all recommended COVID19 guidelines. The bustling bars, pubs, and restaurants in Soho are set to reopen in April 2021 for outdoor dining and drinking only, with many requesting that you book in advance in order to ensure that you can enjoy your visit. In addition, Soho hotels and accommodation are operating with COVID19 safety guidelines in mind for your protection. Along with the rest of the UK, visitors to Soho are expected to wear a face covering when in public areas or using public transport, unless exempt. If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, you can download a card to wear or show on your smartphone from the website or purchase a sunflower lanyard and card to display.

Is Soho London a Safe Place to Live?

If you want to relocate to Soho, safety is likely going to be one of the first features that you will consider, especially if you are considering moving to Soho with a family. Soho is a central London area that is known for being one of the safest places to live in the country. Central London in general is typically very safe since it is busy, well-lit, and has a strong police presence. London is also one of the most-watched cities in the world with thousands of CCTV cameras for your further protection. Crime in Soho has reduced dramatically in the last year or so, with data from UKCrimeStats showing that the total crimes committed in Soho dropped from 915 in February 2020 to just 87 in February 2021. Theft is one of the most commonly committed crimes in Soho, so it’s important for residents to take steps to deter theft.

Is Soho London Safe for Residents?

Residents in Soho are relatively safe, with a dropping crime rate and access to some of the busiest, well-lit, and watched areas of Central London. Theft is one of the most common crimes reported in Soho, which is why many residents are taking measures to prevent theft and keep these crime rates down. Theft from the person is one of the most commonly reported crimes in Soho, which is why it is important to be vigilant when in the area and keep valuable items out of sight when walking or driving. Other thefts make up the most crimes committed here, and residents are taking steps to reduce the occurrences, including installing security systems and alarms at home, CCTV doorbells, CCTV cameras on the home, dash cams on cars, and car GPS and security systems to deter car theft. Neighbours in Soho are often found working together on neighbourhood watch and other neighbourhood security schemes to reduce the risk of theft and other criminal acts and make the neighbourhood a safer and more pleasant place to be.

Is Soho London Safe at Night?

Despite being a safe area to live and visit, crime is not completely non-existent in Soho, which is why it’s important to be vigilant and understand what you can do to make it safer at any time of the day or night. Since Soho is a vibrant nightlife area in London that often attracts huge crowds of people to the bars and clubs at night, you can usually expect it to be relatively safe during the evening and night-time hours with plenty of people around and good lighting. However, night-time is also one of the most common times for crimes such as theft to be committed, which is why it’s important to keep the safety guidelines in mind and avoid doing anything that could put you at a higher risk of becoming a target such as displaying valuables.

Staying Safe in Soho:

Soho is a relatively safe area of Central London, but it’s important to be vigilant as you can simply never be sure what might happen in any area where you are. If you’re visiting Soho or are planning to move to the area, you can usually explore the area safely and with ease without the need to worry about criminal activity or other unsavoury actions happening nearby. However, theft, burglaries, and drug-related incidents are some of the biggest crimes to be committed in Soho, which is why it’s important to keep an eye out for anything that does not seem right and make sure that you take steps to reduce your likelihood of being targeted by criminals. If you suspect that you have witnessed a crime or been the victim of a crime in Soho, you can call the police on 999 if it is an emergency or use the non-emergency police line on 101 for non-critical crime reports that do not require urgent assistance.

Whether you are thinking of paying a visit to Soho or relocating to this area, safety is often a top concern for both visitors and residents. The good news is that as a central London area, Soho is relatively safe with a fairly low crime rate thanks to the busy streets, good lighting, CCTV, and police presence. Theft is one of the most commonly committed crimes here, so it is worth being vigilant as a resident or visitor to ensure that you are not targeted by thieves and pickpockets in the Soho area.

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