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How to Get Rid of Moths

How to Get Rid of Moths at Home?

Maintaining your home in perfect condition is not always easy. One of the most common problems that you are likely to face is moth infestation. These organisms can attack your wardrobe, carpets and kitchen, often damaging them irreparably. Follow our tips on moth prevention and how to get rid of moths below:

Identify the kind of moths

Moths can be either cloth moths or pantry moths. While the former attack clothes in your wardrobe, the latter can get into dry goods and grains. You should always be on the lookout for tiny caterpillars, frass or icky webs inside your house.

Discard infested materials

Whether it is clothes, carpets or anything else, you will have to throw them away once moths have infested them. You should either dry clean or use hot water and detergent to debug your garments. Vacuum cleaning kitchen closets, walls, carpets and baseboards can reduce the problem to a great extent.

Seal everything

Most people use mothballs to protect their clothes from moth infestation. But sealing everything up is a better option. Mothballs are also seen to pose health-related threats, which is why you should vacuum seal all your moth-prone belongings. You can also use cedar as a natural repellent for moths.

Call for a professional

Getting rid of moths at home isn’t always a DIY task. You might not be able to do it because you lack resources like chemicals and tools, which are necessary to get rid of the problem. In such situations, you might have to call experts to do the job for you. Although expensive, a reliable service provider can solve the problem in no time.
Moth infestation is a problem that’s facing billions of homeowners across the globe. The key is to keep a check on signs and get the problem treated as quickly as possible.

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