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Afternoon, everyone. Thanks for joining and going to leave it a couple more seconds. I see there's a couple people joining the stream as well, and then we will get started.

Perfect. Looks like everyone's there. So. Hi everyone. Thanks for joining us today at greater London properties. We are very excited to introduce to you this beautiful 3, bedroom 2 bathroom Warehouse style home situated, just off the sought after upper Street in Islington. The house is situated with the one of the London's finest locations, and it's a stone's throw away from hybrid fields, and the trendy upper Street as mentioned with its vast, array of supreme shops bars and restaurants. The hi Bean is in station is literally about

Minute walk away. So ideal, if you're looking to get into the Central and they are on the Victoria overground, a Mainline services and it has fast links to the West End. So we're starting here on the ground floor. We have eight just over eighteen hundred and fifty square feet of house, has a really nice townhouse in a great location and fun fact of the day for you guys. This house is where the one I most popular, chef, Jamie, Oliver filmed the Naked Chef and that is where we have started.

Stood in the kitchen area. So I'll just do a little walk around. So with this, the kitchen area, a living open space is on the first floor. And as you can imagine the kitchen is, is massive of everything you need, especially with this filming.

Lovely. Wooden floors throughout you got a really nice window that's view of the Spiral just gives us room. Plenty of light. You've got eight windows in the

As well. As you can see, it's a lot of natural light here. You've got your built-in oven, microwave fridge, freezer doing olive oil and cook for said that, he didn't have a nice little dishwasher here as well.

Cyrillic Jeffrey, massive dining table, next to the kitchen where you can entertain. And if I spam from when I started, there is the open-plan kind of living space which I will go towards other end as well. So really nice, big area for entertaining. If someone else is cooking, you watching TV and it leads out into lovely balcony, which is overlooking some offices. So we get nice and quiet. It's not a, it's not a

Potential area. So no one around a night time.

Good area, it's a real nice outside space and that is the view from the balcony of the kitchen area. And this lovely flower case which leads up to.

The third bedroom or if you wanted, you could actually turn it into realize office as well. It's a lot of potential depending on what you need, as you can see here. So it's done really well.

Lots of light.

Perfect fit, a double bed. And again, you've got a nice private Terrace here facing the same direction as the downstairs balcony.

So the fact you got to Terraces as a huge positive in this in this house and again as we exit just a bird's eye view from where Jamie Oliver would have been cooking.

Try. This is on the second floor and as we go down the stairs, so it's three floors and total. Third floor. You have the third bedroom. /. You can make it an office, second floor. You got this really nice entertaining space, kitchen, living area. And as we head down the stairs, go to the first of all.

As we enter to the right.

But I love you, large bedroom.

Overlooking, the

Back side of the house.

Plenty of storage space.

Probably hanging your clothes again, wooden flooring throughout and you go your en suite here as well. So this would be the main lobby bathtub.

Rancho nice. Modern design heated, towel rail there as well.

Just off the main bedroom.

As we exit to a right, we've got the guest bathroom.

Again, really decent size. Walk in shower.

Same tile in as the en suite Master decorated and we go through to the

Name bedroom.

I got really decent size. Lots of storage space.

And we've also got lots of hanging space here as well in the cupboards. So you got to really good size bedrooms on your first floor. This is from a different angle.

This house really is a massive for private inspections because you really get to see the how big in the scale of the actual property. As you go downstairs. You're going to read. That's the front door. So, as we lead up, you have your two bedrooms when the kitchen Diner.

Are you looking to really nice Studio on the ground floor for a grand? It is?

It is soundproofed as well, which is a huge benefit. If you like to entertain, you can see here. There's a really grand piano but lovely, High ceilings.

As a warehouse conversion. There are really high ceilings in here, really wide space here, lots of storage space so you could use this for a multiple of things.

See that big round. Can I say as a soundproof to make lots of noise and you went annoying? Neighbors? Perfect.

And this opens up onto Swan yard one. Last look, what I do is I'm going to run back upstairs in to give you one last look of the kitchen. So it really is the focal point of this house or surveys. And so as we run through first floor to lovely size, bedrooms guest bathroom.


Just to say you can get ready to see the size.

And then as we go to leave.

Second floor.

It's wonderful room here and it's only imagine yourself entertaining.

And this is exactly where Jamie Oliver would have been filming The Naked Chef. Just perfect. So this is on the market for 1.5 million. I would definitely ask for viewings as soon as possible because of the history. The best way to get in contact with me is through our office number, which is 0-2 07734. 4062 or alternatively you can give me a email at Dan Act.

Lp Co dot U k–. The thank you guys for jumping on again. I just show you the one last.

I was like those in here, but thanks for jumping on today. Any questions, please feel free to give me a call or email. I'd happily speak to you. Thanks very much. Bye.

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