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There’s Not a Dull Moment in Soho

Soho is a neighbourhood of plenty: plenty of food, music, culture and entertainment. Here’s what you can look forward to if you’re planning an evening out on the town.

The London pop-up scene has grown dramatically in recent years. Our estate agent in London believes that foodies will appreciate the Pleasant Lady Jian Bing Trading Stall, a ‘hatch’ on Greek Street that pops up regularly between 11.30 am and 8.30 pm to serve you jianbing, China’s most-loved street food through a window adorned with Mandarin calligraphy. Dig into a fusion of traditional crispy crepe with Cantonese flavours, and a choice of fresh vegetables, chicken, pork and lamb.

Wine aficionados have the opportunity to sample fine Germanic wines at the 6,000 sq ft. Vinyl Factory on May 1. It is a weekday, but many guests are expected to partake in German wine and Mexican street food on what promises to be an electric evening in the heart of Soho. Daytime tasting is restricted to the domestic wine trade industry. Residents and visitors can try out Pinot noirs, Reislings and other wines that cannot be found in the UK. Attendees with a ticket will also be treated to a wine walk by a professional.

Anyone looking at properties to rent in Soho will know that the area is one of London’s coveted music hubs. Even though the legendary Madame JoJo’s nightclub – voted by The Guardian as amongst the city’s ten best music venues – shut shop in 2014, Soho is replete with Ronnie Scott’s, 100 Club, The Borderline, Jazz After Dark, Spice of Life, Ain’t Nothing But Blues, just to name some.

Music lovers can look forward to the Soho Music Festival coming up on June 16 at L’Escargot, one of the city’s best French restaurants featuring artworks by Picasso, Miro and Warhol. Ten up-and-coming acts will enthral attendees and the event will feature music across the spectrum of rock, country, folk and swing. Tickets went on sale April 20 and there are just 50 available, so do hurry. If you don’t get a pass or you have other plans, you still want to savour the French fare and fabulous atmosphere of L’Escargot, which is the first restaurant in the country to offer snails on the menu, inspired by rural French cuisine delivering the goodness of fresh seasonal produce and simple preparations.

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