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Renting in Soho

The Benefits of Renting in Soho

Renting in Soho Vibrant, diverse and intriguing – these are just some of the unique features of renting in Soho, the Central London district. Replete with a host of conveniences, attractions, and amenities, Soho is the ideal place to live. Here are some of the benefits of renting a home in Soho: Accessibility: Situated in […]

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Estate agent London

Live music in Central London

Live music in Central London We Londoners are privileged with our nightlife, we have our very own London Tsar who is dedicated to making the capital a 24 hour city. One thing people always ask us is where they can get some live music, Soho played a huge part in London’s swingin’ sixties and with […]

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why rent in soho

Why Rent In Soho?

Why Rent In Soho? When it’s in Soho, it has to be newsworthy! So, why rent in Soho? There is always something unique happening in this part of London which is the reason people are always looking for properties to rent in Soho! A unique hairdressing salon, Salon64, has just opened at Soho and goes […]

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Best Instagram Photo's In London

Best Instagram Photo’s In London

Best Instagram Photo’s In London How do we achieve the best Instagram photo’s in London?  One of my personal achievements in life is getting the perfect Instagram post and the key to this is all in the lighting, angle but most importantly setting and feature. London is filled with amazing places to take your perfect […]

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sex shops

How Many Sex Shops In Soho?

How Many Sex Shops In Soho? Soho’s raw and electrifying presence in the West End draws residents, renters and vacationers by the drove. The district has resisted disproportionate gentrification even as it tries to change its image from its heady days of sex and drugs to a vibrant hub of cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants. […]

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Soho Did You Know

Soho Did You Know?

Looking at properties to rent in Soho? Let’s make the already interesting neighbourhood a little more intriguing with these factoids. Our Marketing Team have put together a few things you might find interesting… Mozart was here! Turns out the iconic composer lived in Soho for a year. He is believed to have composed Symphony No.4 […]

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Cool locations in Soho

Three Cool Locations in Soho to Visit This Weekend

Harry met Meghan at Soho House, whose original location on Greek Street spans five historic townhouses, and whose membership waiting list reached an all-time high level last year. While it is a cool location, it is also a private member’s club for folks in creative industries, making it less accessible than the three other cool […]

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