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[Video] 3 bedroom apartment at Devonshire Street, Marylebone, London Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this Tf8EWrRF0og video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Here we are on Devonshire Street. So, marylebone High Street is just behind me over there all the shops, beautiful location. The building we going to is that one just behind me. Beautiful. On the third and fourth floor of that building is a duplex 3-bedroom apartment. Let's go and check it.

Coming into the flat, we get into that beautiful entrance.

That's quite modern wooden flooring. Obviously it's a duplex. So you've got two stairs leading to the upper level. That way we had a guest toilet bit of storage.

This is a separate utility rooms. You've got a separate washer and dryer.

This is what a boy to raise.

And this space, which is quite practical so coat. So you have a real here space for coats shoes shelves inside, this is very practical and then this is all your living space. So getting through the double doors into a very nice-size living area reception room with few Windows. As you can see so it gets very bright today is not the best day but is actually

Flat and then dining area with open plan kitchen.

Fully fitted integrated appliances, you've got, obviously your dishwasher

This is a fairly new kitchen.

All windows are double glazed and its gas heating.

You also have an alarm system here.

And your video Entry phone.

Walk up these stairs.

And get into the bedroom area. So you've got your three, bedrooms one, Justin from the bus and then one here and one there. Nice guy like to bring a lot of natural lighting and to the right.

Their communal bathroom which is very large and has a nice size bathtub, as well as a shower.

It's rich.

He's in her sink.

And we could get into the smallest of the bedrooms which is still very decent size.

And has very good storage.

Back here, go to the second bedroom which is similar size, ready?

Two windows here and same size wardrobe here on the site.

And then the master bedroom which is actually similar in terms of size but has extra storage space. So there's a wardrobe here and there's a wardrobe there.

And there's a nice.

En suite, bathroom.

Over the waters to give you an idea.

This is one.

This is two.

My phone right here.

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