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One of the Best Places to Eat in Central London

Best Places to Eat in Central London

London has always been renowned as the city of commerce and culture. But with the influx of new blood from around the world, this cosmopolitan city is also becoming one of the foremost gastronomical capitals of the world.

If you’re in London, specifically in Central London, head over to these charming restaurants for a truly mouth-watering feast. These are the best places to eat in Central London:


Love Korean food? Kimchee in Central London is a revelation, one of the best Korean cuisine restaurants in the city. With two outlets – one in St. Pancras and the other in Holborn – Kimchee specialises in traditional Korean delicacies, made with a contemporary twist.

The St. Pancras restaurant is located just off King’s Cross Station, making it very central to offices, schools and homes. If you’re looking for a place to buy near King’s Cross, be sure to ask your estate agent London to find locations close to Kimchee. You’ll love the food here. Our favourite – the fried king prawn chilli.

Yalla Yalla

Lebanon food has always been one of the most-loved cuisines in London, and Yalla Yalla is one of the iconic restaurants that has been serving delicious Beirut-style fares for years. With two outlets in the Central district – Soho and Oxford Street – Yalla Yalla certainly have dibs on two of the most prime properties in the city.
Located on a side-street, this small café-restaurant is quite inconspicuous. But inside, the world changes. Vintage style interiors make you feel grand and at-home, at the same time. The menu ranges from simply stuffed flatbread to omelette to juicy soujoc sausages. The chefs also make an in-house Lebanese pickle, which acts as a burst of flavours in the mouth.

Milk Train Cafe

If your dream meal involves tonnes of sugar, chocolate and popcorns, then Milk Train Café’s deliciously soft candy floss ice creams will make your dreams come true. Located in Covent Garden, this tiny ice cream parlour redefines what ice cream should look like.

Championing a Vietnamese style of ice cream making, Milk Train Café offers customers various home-made ice cream flavours and delicious toppings, which customers can use to custom-create their ice creams. The best part, the cone is coated in cloud-like, fluffy cotton candy.

So popular is this little joint, you’ll see a kilometre long queue first thing in the morning.

Time to get ready for a sugar rush.

Palms of Goa

With Britain’s national dish Indian, it’s safe to say that one of Central London’s best eats hails from the subcontinent too. A family-run restaurant started in 1994, Fitzrovia’s Palms of Goa specialises in South Indian cuisine. From piping hot roti to mouth-watering kebabs, you’ll find everything here.

Since the restaurant specialises in Goan cuisine, you can also gorge on lip-smacking fish and prawns. For the adventurous foodies who want to go all-in and try this spicy cuisine, there are vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis on offer too.


No list of best eats is ever complete without an Italian restaurant. Thank god London has so many of them. But one of the truly brilliant places where you’ll find amazing Italian food in Central London is at Cosmoba in Holborn.

A family-run restaurant, it specialises not just in Italian food but also in Italian wines. Cosmoba has one of the best wine selections in Central London, and you’ll be delighted with the liquor available for purchase.

The chefs continuously experiment with their menu and specials are introduced every week. All of the ingredients used are 100% Italian, and the pasta, bread and sauces are hand-made.

The Harp

The final eatery on our list isn’t an eatery per-se. But it certainly does offer a delicious plateful to foodies who love to binge on traditional British meals.

The Harp at Charing Cross near Covent Garden is one of Central London’s best British pubs. It was awarded the London Pub of the Year 2019 by London Standard, for its phenomenal ciders, ales, beers and of course, food.

You’ll find iconic fares like bangers & mash, potato crisps, beer-battered onion rings and other greasy food that goes superbly well with the beer. If this doesn’t sound up your alley, why not order a Vietnamese roll or a Kebab? They have those too.

The best part about The Harp is how they champion local breweries and brands, over international ones. You can taste authentic British drinks here.

If you’re looking for a place to rent in Convent Garden, consult your estate agent London about properties near The Harp.

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