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Three Cool Locations in Soho to Visit This Weekend

Harry met Meghan at Soho House, whose original location on Greek Street spans five historic townhouses, and whose membership waiting list reached an all-time high level last year. While it is a cool location, it is also a private member’s club for folks in creative industries, making it less accessible than the three other cool locations in lovely Soho neighbourhood we think you should visit.

1. Vintage Magazine Shop, 39-43 Brewer St

Unabashedly old-fashioned, Vintage Magazine Shop is a treasure trove of vintage posters, printers and collectibles. The basement has numerous old magazines on various topics from fashion and news to nature, films, music and more. The ground floor has an excellent collection of pop culture memorabilia. Vintage Magazine Shop is unlike any you will find in the area, another reason why our estate agent Soho recommends it.

2. The Smallest Gallery in Soho, 62 Dean St

With a name like that, you know exactly what to expect, or do you? The Smallest Gallery in Soho displays art projects celebrating the soul of Soho as people experience it on their sojourns through the neighbourhood. Art installations keep rotating, offering visitors the opportunity to learn not just about Soho but virtually everything. For example, some exhibits offer insights into Soho’s history, and include not just artists’ works but also objects sourced from local businesses.

You can catch references to the area’s sex industry and ceramic designs mimicking period homes as well as objects from the artists’ childhood. In February and March this year, the gallery displayed artwork conveying the environmental impact of the products we consume everyday. If the artist is around, expect him/her to share many more details about the exhibits. Check out their Instagram page for more details.

3. Bar Américain, 20 Sherwood St

Yet another reason to view properties for sale in Soho! Time Out has called it ‘one of the most truly opulent bars in London’. Bar Américain is a classic American bar with an intoxicating art deco ambiance. Classy if a little crowded at times, this is the relief you’ve been looking for after hitting a few too many hipster bars. Besides signature and classic cocktails, you can ask the bartender to whip up a unique concoction.

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