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Being an Estate Agent in Bloomsbury

Spring is the optimum time to sell a home, regardless of whether it’s a buyers or a seller’s market housing stock almost always rises in the spring. Why? Because the largest number of buyers are actively searching for a new home during the months of April, May and June.

It’s usually my husband, Rob Hill, the Director who writes these blogs – mostly speculating on market trends, discussing any industry changes or surprises, or just updating you on your local market.  My role at Greater London Properties (GLP) is slightly lighter – I produce literature, organise advertising and marketing material to try and encourage these buyers and sellers to use our estate agency to do so. It’s tougher than it sounds.

Estate Agent Bloomsbury

Our industry is not regulated and unfortunately, there are agencies that overcharge, provide poor service and/or over price properties just to win valuations. This gives our industry and ‘the estate agent’ a bad name.  It’s my job to lay down the facts about GLP, our history (established since 2003), our experience and point out our uniqueness as an agency – it’s a role I love doing – especially since I moved across from Soho to our Bloomsbury Estate Agency.

Is this really Central London?  Walking down Marchmont Street there is every amenity you would ever need for comfortable and easy living, and this is before you even reach The Brunswick Centre, (a perfect ladies shopping experience at any budget level).  The instant village feel comes from an incredibly supportive community, from the housing associations, book clubs, schools, local events and the great use of the squares – I can see why the independent shop thrives here.

I have seen it in my home town of Chesterfield, where the town centre and market square, previously a bustling display of shouting fruit prices and smells of leather is now a ghost town.  Larger retailers, built on new developments on the outskirts have dragged shoppers out of the centre and it’s a slow death for the left over independents, no longer able to survive without their customers. It’s so sad.

Which is what makes Bloomsbury so incredibly rare and brilliant, a hairdressers established in the 80’s and still thriving, great English pubs, cafes – of all sorts – not just the posh type!  And this is all before you reach Store Street where you’re transported back in time.

So, this month, I just wanted to say a great big thank you to every local resident, shop keeper and passer-by that has welcomed us into this fantastic part of London.  Our Bloomsbury Estate Agency has been opened close to a year now and we could not feel more part of your community.  My job just got a whole lot better.

Come visit us on Judd Street soon.
Kate Hill, Marketing Manager Greater London Properties

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