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Flat 2, 50 51 Berwick Street, 2 bed Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this HeY1Ta2pKIQ video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Hi everyone. Just give it a couple of seconds as who fear the people to jump on this dream and we'll get started. Apologies for the few minutes delay.

Perfect – thanks for joining us today at greater London properties with very excited to introduce you. This beautiful top floor, two-bedroom, apartment, we are located in the heart of Soho. So in the beautiful streets of Barrack streets, which is one of the most sought-after streets in the area which just moments from carnaby Street kingly courts and all of the entertainment hotspots that the West End has to offer. In terms of location, we are situated in a really nice area we have got

Piccadilly Circus underground which is Bagel in Piccadilly line, Leicester Square Northern and pick the alliance Oxford. Circus Central, Victorian bakerloo and also Tottenham Court Road. So great location if you want to be in the center of London. Now let me show you the flat. So we have got 536 square feet as I show you around. We've started off in the really large living area.

Look around to your right as you go through your room. Nice and modern kitchen.

Lots of storage space.

Just watching your gas stove there as well. Large fridge freezer.

Coming off of the living space is already got a really good large balcony. So perfect, maybe not today. When it's raining, but about half an hour ago, was beautiful sunshine.

So we're gonna have to set up hearing just nice and private looking over the rooftops.

Because you're at the back of the building. It's very quiet side as well. So you get a bit of peace and joy. Enjoy drinking Friday.

As we venture out of the living space to write to your see me, there we've got the main bedroom so you're really big bed there.

Heater in the wall. It's really good size. Could do some Cosmetics. It's for this flat and make it really nice.

Good storage space as well.

Nice. Nice ceiling height, considering on the top floor, obviously, big benefit of the top floor. Flat means you don't have any noise coming from above. And as you come out to the living space, we've also got the

Second bedroom.

Again, built-in storage as well. You could just about fit a double in here.

Or use it. If you wanted to, you could offer space or you're starting. A family is a little baby's room as well.

The nice bathroom to, so getting really generous size.

The bathtub shower head.

The we're on the top floor. Yes, this property does come with a lift. So big bonus there. If you didn't want to climb the stairs, just jump in the left and you'll be at your flat. We are on the market, for 700,000 pounds, very easy to view. It is currently vacant. So we have to just give me a shout. The service charge is really generous considering as a lift in the building is 1300 a year. It's a really low service charge and the ground rents only 50 pounds.

As well as mentioned, this is chain free. So please feel free to come along and if you have any questions give me a shout. The best way to get. Hold of me is on my direct line which is 0-2 07734 4062, or you can email me at Dan @gl. P dot Q dot U k–, but before you leave I just give you a quick last.

Last few of the flat. What I do is I'll actually come in from the front as if I were to get the view. So, to, my right as mentioned, large bathroom to my left, you got your second bedroom office, space straight in front. You've got your large bedroom and you've got your really nice living space and your kitchen just off it. And as mentioned really gritty, big bonus to have a little balcony here for you as well. Guys. Have a lovely Friday. Thank you so much for jumping on and

To hear from you soon. Cheers.

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