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What’s So Special About Marylebone That’s Luring Londoners?

What’s So Special About Marylebone That’s Luring Londoners?

The bustling urban centre, fashionable shopping streets, long-standing Victorian structures, lively cafes and well-planned neighbourhoods can be a lure for any home-seeker looking for real estate in London. But not all neighbourhoods in London are able to meet the rising demand for real estate. While some neighbourhoods continue to attract average-income individuals, others are luring Londoners from golden postcodes. If you wish to be a part of the Central London community, perhaps you should consider taking a home for rent in Marylebone.

Marylebone is the “Star Village” in London that’s a perfect fusion between the traditional and the contemporary. The area just north of the shopping hub Oxford Street and south of Regent’s Park is no less than a rendition of a rustic landscape that has been luring Londoners for a good three centuries now. Although the entertainment here is no longer as colourful and lively as it used to be, one is sure to have a nice time at Marylebone. The Wallace Collection is a fine repository of art located here whose fame crosses European boundaries. You get the privilege of witnessing this marvellous collection of art if you happen to take a home for rent in Marylebone.

But the list of special must-sees in Marylebone doesn’t end here. The neighbourhood is home to one of the finest restaurants and cafes in the city that Londoners patronise. Wandering down Marylebone High Street opens up an avenue of plush restaurants, fashionable shops and awe-inspiring historic sites. You should certainly dine at Orrery that has a Zen Garden on the roof. Sherlock Holmes fans, don’t miss out the museum at 221-B Baker Street, which re-creates the living quarters of Holmes and his friend Dr John H. Watson.

Marylebone is certainly a great blend of traditional aspects from the Victorian era and the contemporary, urban charm of today’s London. The neighbourhood is well-connected by tube stations and roads and features a number of schools and urban centres, thus making it one of the most-coveted localities in London.

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