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Hi everyone. It’s give it a couple of seconds. I see there’s a few other people looking to it during the stream and we will get started.

Perfect. I just everyone’s their site look. Thanks for everyone for joining today at greater London properties. We are very excited to introduce to you. This beautiful 3-bedroom split-level, Sheriff, Freehold apartment located, on Judge Street, which is on the heart of Bloomsbury occupying, the second and third floor of an impressive and pose and Georgian house. This residence is located moments away from all the moon immunities that blooms are Bloomsbury has to offer. The apartment is a stone’s, throw away from Kings Cross and the Eurostar Link at same.

I guess we’re one of Europe’s biggest regeneration, and development projects has been a benefit to the area. You also have access to the amenities of the Brunswick shopping center, Russell Square station, UCL, and many other universities. So, in terms of location guys, this is, this is a great spot on a really nice quiet residential Road. It’s one way. So you don’t get a lot of traffic as well. And obviously being on the top floor and you get the benefit of the lack of noise too. Now we have started on the top floor.

Of the split-level flat. You can see it’s in great condition. It’s been only occupied for many years and it’s been kept in really good order. We have just over 900 square foot

And as I say, we got the top Windows looking out over the John Street Force. Got some lovely

Off Windows as well. So you get a lot of light into this apartment. It’s a great space up here as we look around.

Really big space for entertaining, the lovely fireplace. As you can see, it’s a working fireplace and you’ve got the really nice.

Kitchen as well just off the living space. Kind of open planned dual aspect. So you get the breeze through especially on a hot day and just really gives it that lovely feel of space as well.

Kitchen again, really good order.

Bespoke kitchen.

Lots of space desktops. Got gas oven built-in. We got all your as everything. You’d expect for the kitchen. Lovely, rustic, tiled, finish the back that said you got your built-in oven microwave.

And lots of storage space as well. Lovely, High ceilings in here. And again, you’ve got the two windows, the one window, sorry, in the roof. So you get lots of light coming through

Do I block in the back of Bloomsbury here? I see that’s rashly house.

So nice. London, London view as well.

Again, lots more cooking space. If you can cook big fridge freezer built in,

And you’ve got your washing machine as well.

This is the view of forest and the other side of the kitchen. Okay, and the said the space. So as we go downstairs, you can see, obviously, I cases tucked away, so it doesn’t take up too much space. So, this is the view. As you come into the flat, the front doors

You’re right behind me. So you’ve got

Lovely. Second bedroom here as we go to the left again, really nicely Deckard carpets throughout again. Good ceiling height for the second floor. So built-in storage and lovely, sash windows to give it that feel and some covered space behind the bed as well. Probably big enough to fit a double in here.

We can avoid looking like a Bloomsbury. Say got the gardens below and imagine blocks before.

Straight Ahead, this would be your master or the main bedroom again, great size, lovely sash windows, lots of light big enough for double plenty of storage space.

Is he ready guys? Back to Hanging room for clothes?

You will see contact with a nice little

Once we planned bathroom is myself that I again really nicely finished.

As we move out. As the front door there, actually the stairs and then we have the third bedroom off. You didn’t want to third version. You could utilize this as a study again. Great, loads of shelves here. They got a little library of books in here. They’ve used this as an office before but also as a spare room for four guests, again, your lovely sash windows overlooking judge Street

Just give you a quick view of side. Sorry, nice quiet residential Road, a little cafe opposite.

I do some great sandwiches.

Lots of storage as well. So, Under the Stairs, you’re Harry Potter, cupboard. You got just storage space.

As your thermostat for the heat. In, as I said, front door I’ll give you a quick peek of the communal so in really nice, communal areas. Well, you can down, as I said, we are in a second and third floor and then you’ve got your main bathroom.

So I can finish. You can really tell when I own has lived here rather than rent it out because it’s in really great condition. Obviously taken a lot of pride in care and keeping the flat to, to a great level for them. So, just go upstairs, you can see the views you go, as you would

Cool. Perfect. Look guys, that is the flat. So thank you so much for jumping on this is on the market for 1 million pounds.

We are very much open for physical viewings more than flexible with viewing times and Slots. If you do have any questions, actually, I’m sorry Henry. This is a share of Freehold should have mentioned. So even more desirable, share, free hard, flat service charges 1800 year. As I said, we are top floor and you can get a parking permit as well.

If you did, you have any other questions and do? Feel free to give me an email at Dan at JL P. Dot k. Dot u k, or you can email me out. Cool me. A story on 0207 734, 4062. I’m located at the Soho office in Bloomsbury. So I’m on the on the doorstep. If you want a quick viewing by those guys, thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing you soon. Cheers. Bye.

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