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Beers at Best Places to Watch Football in London

Best Places to Watch Football in London

Are you finding it difficult sourcing those season tickets to your favourite game? Not everyone has the surplus finance to splurge on expensive seats. Or you might be on a shoestring budget so coming up with excess funds to include sports packages in your current TV services may be a bit of a challenge too. […]

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Central London’s Best Cocktail Bars

Central London’s Best Cocktail Bars

London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, and the nightlife does not disappoint. Central London is no stranger to great bars and our London realtor has chosen some of Central London’s best cocktail bars to introduce to you. Read on for some great suggestions if you’re in the Central London area. […]

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brunch spots in London breakfast

Best Brunch Spots in London

Who doesn’t love a good brunch? Our London estate agent certainly does. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite brunch spots in London so that whether it’s time out with friends, a family celebration, or you just want to do brunch, you always have a ready reference. Kudu We kick off the […]

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One of the Best Places to Eat in Central London

Best Places to Eat in Central London

London has always been renowned as the city of commerce and culture. But with the influx of new blood from around the world, this cosmopolitan city is also becoming one of the foremost gastronomical capitals of the world. If you’re in London, specifically in Central London, head over to these charming restaurants for a truly […]

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Oldest buildings in London

Oldest Buildings in London

One of the many highlights of London is the blend of futuristic, modern and ancient buildings and architectural styles. The city was founded by the Romans in 43 AD. Remnants of their architecture and artifacts can still be found in many historical buildings. Here are some of the oldest buildings in London. The Westminster Hall […]

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after work drinks on Thursdays in London

After Work Drinks on Thursdays in London

Looking for the best pub or bar for relaxing after work drinks on Thursdays in London? While many feature happy hours on Wednesdays and weekends, finding a trendy bar with deals on Thursdays can be challenging. Our estate agent London has put together a list of pubs and bars in London that have great deals on […]

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women at best beer gardens central london

Best Beer Gardens Central London

Biggest and Best Beer Gardens Central London Summer will soon be upon London and what better way to spend the warm days than sipping some ale in a beer garden? Our Estate Agent, London has taken a tour of the beer gardens on offer in the city and has chosen these as the best beer […]

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People at Village Fairs In London

Exciting Village Fairs in London

The best way to experience the countryside vibe and warmth is to attend a village fair right in the heart of London! The annual summer fairs at Marylebone Village and Connaught Village are two of the most popular village fairs in London that everyone looks forward to. Connaught Village Fair Connaught Village is a stylish […]

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Pizza from the Best pizza places in London

Best pizza places in London

Searching for restaurants or cafes that serve pizza in London? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the best pizza places in London, serving everything from sourdough base to classic New York style pizzas. Here’s the list. Farina – The best pizza crust in London Farina is where you should go if you’re a […]

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Food Stall at Food Festivals In London 2019

Best Food Festivals In London 2019

London is one of the best places to try a variety of cuisines, so if you’re searching for the best food festivals in London 2019, look no further. With a host of events happening all over the city through spring and summer, there is always a new experience just around the corner. Your London Estate […]

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