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Most Exclusive Restaurants in Marylebone

Most Exclusive Restaurants in Marylebone

Are you in the mood for some fine dining? Our Marylebone estate agent, London did the rounds of some of the most exclusive restaurants in Marylebone and made a note of the best. So if you fancy a quaint restaurant with a posh menu and a rather scrumptious fare, you might find our list useful.

28° – 50° Wine Workshop & Kitchen

Located at 15-17 Marylebone Lane, 28° – 50° is a wine bar / restaurant brought to you by Chef Agnar Sverrisson. The restaurant serves up French cuisine and a selection of over 30 wines. Our London realtor particularly enjoyed the cheese platter and the lively vibe that the staff brought to the table. For the main course, we suggest you try one of the grilled meat dishes and ask your waiter to recommend a wine; they do a pretty good job of the pairing.


Chef Maurizio Morelli’s Briciole is located on 20 Homer Street. The Italian restaurant has a fine selection of small plates, cheeses, pastas, and mains. The restaurant has a traditional Italian feel and the food is authentic. Briciole is probably among the best Italian you will get in London and they do make you feel like you’re right there in Rome. May we suggest that you try the pork sausage and polenta – we really like that one. But honestly, you get the real taste of Italy no matter what you eat.


If you’re in the mood for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, then Delamina is where you go. Located at 56-58 Marylebone Lane, Delamina prides itself on serving wholesome food. There’s no shortage of flavour here and the aroma of herbs and spices will greet you as the food is brought to you. There’s a lip-smacking tahini dip, pita, and shawarma as you would expect, but the starters and some delectable deserts are really good.

Chiltern Firehouse

Chef Nuno Mendes keeps a close eye on Chiltern Firehouse and makes sure that it maintains its unwavering high standards. Set on 1 Chiltern St, the restaurant that was once too exclusive for a regular bloke is now open to everyone who’s in the mood for high-standard dining. The food is modern, innovative, and extremely creative. Hotelier Andre Balazs took an old Victorian firehouse and transformed it into one of the finest restaurants in London. Try the lobster or the squab, or any of the other delectable offerings. You certainly won’t be disappointed.


At 19-21 Blandford St, lies Jikoni. Nairobi-born Londoner, Chef Ravinder Bhogal, brings you a delightful menu of fusion foods that only someone with her mix of cultural influences can. You won’t find a Mutton Kheema Sloppy Joe or harissa sausage rolls like this anywhere else in London. As you can imagine, the flavours are strong and really pack a punch. The bright décor adds to the grandness of it all.


Stroll down Marylebone High Street and you’ll find Orrery at No.55. The elegant restaurant offers fine dining at its artistic best, where ambience and presentation meet taste. Luxurious French cuisine graces the menu, and no matter what you order, you feel just a tad more important for sitting there and having it served to you. There’s a great selection of wines to accompany your choice of meal and we do suggest you take this one occasion to splurge a little. After all, what’s French dining without a glass of wine?


In the mood for Indian cuisine in Marylebone? You absolutely must try Trishna at 15-17 Blandford Street. The Michelin Star restaurant has everything from Mumbai street food (like chaats) to guinea fowl tikka. The seafood and desserts are also worth a try. We recommend that you skip some of the fusion items, like the Indianized fish and chips, and go straight for the authentic Indian fare. And while Indian food and wine don’t seem like a good match, you should definitely try some of the wines that they have here.

It’s hard work finding the best restaurants in Marylebone, but our Marylebone estate agent, London was up to the challenge. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and are set to try these restaurants the next time you dine out.

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