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How to get rid of Condensation

How to get rid of Condensation

By Greater London Properties

There is always moisture in the air, but when additional moisture is created by cooking, taking baths or showers or drying clothes indoors this can create an excessive build-up of moisture which can lead to condensation.

Warm air holds more moisture than cold air so when warm air cools, it releases the moisture. This will happen when it touches a cool surface such as outside walls, mirrors, windows, wall tiles or even clothes and if it is not dried out it can cause mould and mildew to form.

This is why condensation is usually worse in cold weather.

 To stop condensation forming here is a list of procedures which can be followed;

          Open windows. If you are running a bath or cooking let the moisture out. If you do not have a window in the room, turn on the extractor fan.

          Put the heating on. Keep a low background heat on; this need not result in significantly increased heating costs.

          Wipe away any moisture which settles on surfaces

          Dry clothes outside or in a well ventilated room

          Cover pans and turn down the heat when boiling

Hopefully this answers your questions ‘How to get rid of condensation’.

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