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How to clean your extractor fan

How to clean your extractor fan

By Greater London Properties

A dirty filter means that the extractor fan has to be run at a higher setting to achieve the expected results and this increases the energy consumption and noise. Therefore, the grease filter in a cooker hood must be cleaned regularly (approx once a month) and replaced every 12 months. The number one rule when cleaning cooker hoods is not to let the grease build up too much in the first place. Even if you only wipe it with a cloth and a bit of degreaser when you’re cleaning the hob it will go a long way in stopping grease in its tracks.

Some cooker hoods have disposable, changeable filters which are easy to just throw away and replace, saving you a lot of cleaning. If your cooker hood is equipped with metal filters you can clean them to their original shine by popping them in the dishwasher. If the filters are stainless-steel this method is fine. If they are aluminium, be careful, they can be damaged or discoloured by dishwasher detergent.

 Replacing your filter Remove the cover. These usually have catches which can be pushed down or small screws which can easily be removed.

You can buy a replacement filter from most appliance shops or online. You will need to make a note of the make and model number of the appliances to ensure you buy the correct filter.

Hopefully this article has provided enough information on ‘How to clean your extractor fan’.

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