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London is home to numerous distinct districts that have their own personality. But even amongst these, Bayswater stands out. There is nowhere else in London quite like it.

Why Live In Bayswater?

One of London’s defining features is its cosmopolitan makeup. For a lot of people, their main reason for wanting to live in London is because of its diversity. Even in the multicultural melting pot that is London, Bayswater stands out. There are too many different people and cultures represented in the area to count. People often refer to Bayswater as a microcosm of London itself. Once you see how diverse the range of people looking at Bayswater studios for sale, you appreciate how true this statement is.

One of the best side effects of living in a culturally and racially-diverse area is that you have a plethora of different cuisines on your doorstep. For aspiring chefs, studios for sale in Bayswater London are a uniquely tempting prospect. Living in Bayswater as a young chef gives you easy access to a wealth of knowledge, styles, and experience. They can learn to cook just about anything.

What Is There To Do In Bayswater?

Bayswater is a mostly residential area. However, there are some fantastic cafes and small independent boutiques scattered throughout the streets. The area also borders Hyde Park, putting the biggest and best of the Royal Parks right outside your home. Slightly further away, but still within walking distance, is The Regent’s Park. Because there are so many green spaces nearby, studios for sale in Bayswater have long been popular with families.

Hyde Park sits south-east of Bayswater, but you will find things to do around Bayswater regardless of the direction you go in. North-east of Bayswater is Regent’s Park. The Sherlock Holmes Museum and Madame Tussauds are both popular tourist attractions on the border of Regent’s Park.

Getting Around:

To the east of Bayswater is Paddington, home to one of London’s biggest Tube stations. But Paddington is just one of several rail and Tube stations that are within easy walking distance of Bayswater. This access makes a studio for sale Bayswater appealing to both commuters and people who just want to be able to explore the world by rail.


Whiteley’s Shopping Centre is the focal point of the retail sector for studios for sale near Bayswater. Whiteley’s isn’t the biggest shopping centre in London. However, the building that houses the shopping centre is a stunning architectural beauty. Whiteley’s offers a good range of different brands and retailers.

You can easily walk to the West End from Bayswater. Alternatively, you can hop on one of the many buses that drive between these areas.

Cost Of Living:

Bayswater is one of the more expensive parts of London to own property. If you are on a budget, then you might be better off looking at flats for sale in the surrounding area.

Bayswater is a beautiful place to live, and its diversity gives it a unique character. Greater London Properties has a range of properties for sale in Bayswater. You can search our catalogue online and book a viewing today.

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