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Hi everyone. Thanks for joining us today. If you give us a couple of seconds, I see, as a few people still to jump onto the stream and we will get started.

Perfect. That’s everyone. So thanks for joining us today at greater London properties. We are very excited to introduce to, you is fantastic, spacious, share of Freehold to bed flat set in a highly desirable private residential, red brick block called, Queen Alexandra Mansions. The flat is set on the second floor with has the added addition of a lift. The block itself is actually located on the corner of Hastings Street, and Judd Street, which lies in the distinctly affluent and historical area of Bloomsbury the most prestigious shopping.

Restaurants hotels and cultural landmarks are all of in a short. Stroll. In terms of amenities. You are located really close to the lovely Brunswick Center where you’ll find a large. Waitrose. You have got the UCL and other universities all within easy, walking distance in terms of Transport links. You have the king’s cross, which is just around the corner, literally a two minute walk. And you’ve also got the Eurostar Link at st. Pancreas. And you’ve got Russell Square, which again,

A 5-minute walk. So you’re really great location here in the heart of Bloomsbury. So let me show you the flat. We have 662 square foot. So you’ve got a really spacious two-bed. I’ve started here with an image of the really cozy living space. We got some lovely Windows, overlooking, the courtyard of the Mansion block.

You’ve got lovely High ceilings in here. You’ve got the added addition of a fireplace.

Just give you a good overall. Look.

Straight in front of us. We have the really lovely second bedroom, which as you can see, as I walk through as massive in size. So you got two really good spacious bedrooms, which I’ll show you the main of second.

Again, the same. So you like throughout the apartment. You’ve got to your secondary glazing, this side overlooks, the lovely Hastings Street, which is really nice quiet street in Bloomsbury. I’ll give you another aspect of the room here.

So I can see lots of space here. If you needed a second bedroom, to be to be a bedroom and perfect, or you’ve got a lovely office space as well. And this back out to where the living area is.

You’ve got larger original sash windows.

This is the main bedroom, just off the living space again. You got your secondary glazing to makes it very quiet. Quiet bedrooms.

Lots of built-in storage.

As you can see.

So the whole flat and really gives you the feel of just space, lots of realtor to do things with you got the lovely kitchen size here as well. Again, nice, big original, sash windows, overlooking the courtyard your washing machine dryer, Ivan.

It’s the perfect flat. If you’re looking to buy somewhere and actually living yourself as an end user, or if you buy to let investors and it can interested. This is a very desirable block, 244, tenants. You’ve got a lovely storage space here. And this one your boiler lives as well.

As mentioned previously, you have the big bonus of it, being a share of Freehold. As I walk out of the living space. You’ve got your front door.

And then two I left, you’ve got your nice bathroom.

Again, sash windows it to open last mirrors and a good sized walk-in shower as well.

So I’ll just take you back around to. So this would be as you enter the flat if you are coming from the front door.

Bathroom to the right. And then you’re into the really nice cozy, living area.

So to summarize, you’ve got to really large bedrooms, lovely codes, and live in space. Jewel aspects of lots of natural light, the great sized Kitchen in an amazing location in the heart of Bloomsbury. This is on the market for just six hundred and eighty thousand pounds. You’ve also got a big benefit of a residents only roof Terrace, which you can also see the city of London, which was really cool. Actually. You’ve also got, as I mentioned, lift access really low service charge. It’s just too.

Some 200 a year, which does include the hot water and there’s no chain involved. It’s in a condition where you could easily just rent it out or moving straight away, or there is also some refurbishment potential as well. If you’re looking to modernize or Spruce it up a little bit, just cosmetically more than happy to take questions after the after the viewing. I can definitely organized for physical appearance for you. It is, it is really easy to get access at the moment. And the best thing to do is give me a call on my

Number zero two zero seven, seven three, four, four zero six two and ask for Dan or emailed an app GL P dot code. Dot U k–, but thank you so much for jumping on this one will sell quickly because of the huge potential, the size, the space, and the location. So do you give me a call as quick as you can? Thanks very much. Bye.

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