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Brown. So, I'm hoping there's not going to be any loud crashes, or a dings. Hello, and welcome to business as unusual. This is episode 9 and my name is Megan from greater London properties. I hope you and your family are all well and just for those newcomers that are tuning in today to give you a little bit of background about what we're doing and greater London properties. Set up Central London's, London's lockdown support group. This is mainly to support businesses.

To give them a platform if you're open, please post on there. Let us know what you're doing. If you're closed, but still generating Revenue, then that's brilliant. People want to hear about it. People want to support you and also different companies and organizations which are supporting Charities because I know that there's a lot out there at the moment, which is absolutely great. And we started doing these live chats almost for 10 days now and we've been doing them sit at 11:30 every single weekday. If you've missed any other last ones, they are all posted

As a series on our great selling properties page. So please catch up. If you feel like you want to and get in touch because we're doing it for another week after this as well. So yeah. If you want to if you want to come on, let me know. And today we are speaking with the lovely Jessica Cooper. Jessica Cooper, George S is for a coupe Doggy Dog, which is her own business. That she set up last year and she is a local dog walker pet owner.

And all around animal lover. And I really excited to speak to you today. Yes. Thank you so much for coming on. Thank you. And so Jess, how are you find it? Like how did you get into this business in the first place? So there's a little bit more about your background and how you got to where you are. Okay? So since I graduated you need and this years ago, I'm I worked in insurance and finance. I kind of came to a point last year where I thought not really sure why I'm doing this anymore. It's not

No, it's not cool. Make me happy, I didn't ever find it particularly interesting. It was just and I kind of went into after unique because it seemed like a very viable career opportunity and then but I've always really wanted to work with animals and I'd always loved animals. I've always have pets, I've always been the go-to person to look after it was pairs. So, I'm gonna find channel something into this and make something happen from it.

Oh, that's brilliant. And you how many pets have you got yourself? Just out of Interest? I would just got myself. A cat called el this, just to put it out there. Nice and early. Your website really made me laugh. I love the how originally is the website is Coupe, Doggy Dogg, dot Q, dot R. BK and Jess has made it really original. You can listen to Snoop Dogg while struggling with something.

And meet the pack. I'm not going to ruin it for everyone, but meet the pack is personally I've always been a big hip-hop fan, so when I came up with a name, Coupe, Doggy Dogg, I think the business was born from the name, then the name. So I carried on with the hip-hop theme, so yeah, definitely check out the brilliant. And so wearing you very based, where do you do most of your dog walking. Okay, so I cover quite a white area, actually, so I live in Queens crossbar.

But I travel all the way from marylebone to do stand, unction, and anywhere in between, basically, it's just being my bike and iPod from location to location, picking up my pups and we say, very local city to wherever the dogs, I'm taking up from from, I kind of started the business having noticed that most of the options for dog walking in, London, are involved being kind of hacked into a van and taking that to the country which for some dogs to find. But

A lot of dogs don't really respond well to that being kept in quite Close Quarters and they don't respond well, to being in big groups. So I found that taking my dogs out quite local areas that they know, and they like works really well for them. That's fantastic. It's good for dog owners to know that their dogs have been looked after properly. You know, they, you know, if they wanted to, they would always know where they were. So, yeah. I think for people, he's, he's of mind, it's quite nice. That's great, because we

We work, as I see property in central London where a property group, cetera, Munden, and then we have all of those areas. So, hopefully, we've got a lot of residents that are doing interesting from all of the areas that you do cover of customers. How are you different from the others? What do you kind of? What do you do? I think I set myself out. I think I will never walk more than free, possibly maybe four dogs depending on the dog. So I always keep a really small

Rape more often than not. I'm offering a one on one service. Most of my dogs are dogs, that haven't responded well to either larger groups all day cares. And generally also my clients tend to work non-standard nine five, nine nine to five jobs as well. So I opted for our services. So on most days of the week, I'm in Regent's Park, at half 6:00 in the morning. And another days, I could be out at 10 o'clock at night.

In the dog out. I've got a few clients who work in the pub industry. So they work late hours, so I try and offer my services outside of the standard time for the convenience of my clients. Also don't like that because I like my bike everywhere. And yeah, I think we're really just this one on one, kind of level of care and attention. I am very careful to interview my clients and meet their new dogs before we go out.

I will only walk them on their own for the first few occasions before I introduce them to anyone else. So carefully, Taylor my packs to ensure that they're all going to get on. There's not gonna be any fights, there's not gonna be any anxiety, they can just look forward to their hour of exercise every day. That's pretty and you do home visits as well. Don't you like it's a service like I'm I find very popular with people with new puppies. I'm I will pop in mid morning checking on the dog make sure that she's okay.

Okay, take her out for a week, you know, just net. Make sure that she's got a little bit of extra attention and then I will again. Come back at lunch time and later in the day. So, if you're working longer hours in the city, you know that your dog is getting someone business in them every couple of hours and not getting bored. Hopefully, they're not indulge in any positive behaviors because dogs are coming shown to

They took the less isolated for too long then they'll often display some negative characteristic its characteristic. Yeah. This is just hopefully keeping them well, socialized, making sure they get that added attention that they need. Do you end? Because I'm one of my colleagues because we've got a few conferences pets and, and one of my colleagues often has to go back to Ireland. She's got a little cat called messy. Would you would you do the same kind of home visits for cats as well. Yep, absolutely. Yeah. So I

I've had cats all my life so yeah, very well, ya know their needs very well, so I would do the same. I would in a few times a day. Make cool. They're all. Okay, make sure they've got their food. Also, you know, happy to give any medicines and any medicines, they may need. And he's actually quite a large part of my job is dealing with poon actually. So yeah, become a bit of an expert in that area.

So, what would you have any tips for people at home? Because obviously, at the moment, there's a lot of dogs that are that are at home. They're not able to kind of go to regular visits to the pets and especially I know that I speak to one of my colleagues Sarah every day and her dog has never refused to walk because much, she's asked to see if you've got any tips on that. But let's start off with the homegroup grooming.

Okay. So one thing that's really important is that you don't attack your dog yourself with some. Cheers dogs, have an undercoat and they used that to regulate their body temperature both in the winter and the summer. So if you take that off, then you're going to leave your dog, unfortunately, quite uncomfortable. So it's best just to leave. Leave that area. Some things you can do, you can trim around their eyes. If it's getting into their eyes a little bit, that's absolutely fine. You should keep regular a regular eye on their

I'll give you an example here. I had to actually have my friend but it with makeup. Let me show you is pause. No, it wasn't gonna let me so. It's worth every day. They're paused to ensure that there's no tangle fur around the pads. That the pads aren't to dry that they aren't cracked so you can trim the fur around there and it goes back on the floor. Now, around that also,

Dogs like that they've got quite curly thick sir sometimes gets bitten Tangled around their bottoms so you can give a little trim around there as well. Make sure you're brushing them. Well every other day or maybe every day in Bert case they get a lot of dirt and grime in under their fur which can react with their skin. And so it's just keeping their skin and their fur nice and healthy. So make sure you give them a good brush every day. I'd recommend a bath a week at the moment as well. If you're not able to get into the groomers for

The big wash. And yeah, when you get them in from a walk, make sure you try if their pads as well. So keep their pads, a nice healthy condition. Well, that's really good advice. That's brilliant because then I know that it was, well, there are a lot of I know that there's a lot of people out there at the moment which are getting new puppies due to isolation? Well, yeah, this is definitely I'm saying. Yeah, so I think that the advice is definitely needed at the moment as well. We've already got a few, all we've got burnt.

I was going to say I'll so cute. That is very popular and it's called Winston as well as dog. And he's very, very popular within. So I think a lot of people know him. He's at the Soho dog. It's amazing. So cute. And so you did just mention about them people a lot people getting dogs at the moment and I would just say your piece don't jump into any.

Any rash, decisions, anyone who may be feeling a bit isolated and just want a puppy for attention. Just remember, there's so much that goes into their care. Yeah. Justjust know, our citizens and do your research before you get. Yeah. Dogs are for Life, guys. Not just for isolation. Exactly exactly. And how would you propose to kind of keep pets entertained? Okay, so obviously you have your alert daily allowance of exercise.

Do you recommend taking advantage of that poor when, and taking your dog out for a good amount of exercise every day? If there's more than one person in the household, then I'd suggest splitting up your daily exercise loud. So they can get a couple of walks a day. If you're working from home, then definitely get them out for a good walk. Before you need to be at your desk at 9:00. So make sure they have a good run around. Make sure they you know, be able to get a lot of stimulation. Love going out for a sniff so it's almost as beneficial to let them walk around for an hour and have a stiff as it.

As it is, you know, talking about around and burning off energy. So yeah ensuring that they burnt that energy off. It's really important to try and maintain some semblance of a routing dogs respond really well routine. So you know when it is time for you to settle down and do your work try and establish you know maybe a dog area or a quiet space where they can chill out. Give them lots of toys that can keep them entertained and another really

The important thing is, if it's you and the whole family in the house, lots of kids running around. Make sure that you've got a nice quiet space for your daughter as well. You need at least 16 hours of sleep a day and if they don't get that, they can quite a well and they can get quite stressed. So it's definitely worth making sure they put somewhere nice and quiet. They can go to take themselves out of it so yeah lots of toys as much exercise as possible and if you've got a garden then you take full advantage of that. It's a very lucky position to be in and make sure you get out.

The bowl and lots of playing. Lots of attention. That's great, thank you. Do you remember? What would you say? Like so obviously with Sarah. She she takes him out every day but sometimes Winston just doesn't want to walk. So she feels like she's dragging him. Should she said she carry on trying? He's got to have his walks. I mean this is a difficult one. Really like no I said

Bose, I mean, he must have some variety surrounding the walking. So I think it would be, you know, trying your best to ensure that it's still a really happy fun activity tip for him, because, you know, most of us, that's the best part of their day. Getting to go outside and explore. So I think lots of positive reinforcement, you know, when you've got him on his lead and he managed to get him outside, lots of treats, lots of, yeah, tell him what a good boy is and stuff like that, and just try and relax them a little bit, but it sounds like maybe he's kind of got a little bit of anxiety about being outside, so, yeah.

Will streets of positive reinforcement and bring it back. Thank you. That's brilliant and pets. Perfect Behaving Badly. Yeah, I am, I am fairly certain. We're going to see a trend when people start returning to their offices of dogs. Displaying certain unwanted behaviors. And I think that's because they're going to get very used to having people around the house and all of a sudden there are

Home for have many hours a day on their own. So I think again establishing routines doggie areas and having lots of toys to redirect this negative behavior. But also, you know, there is a lot of really good resources out there for training. So if they are displaying a trait that, you know, isn't ideal in the house, definitely look into different training solutions for them as well. It's worth remembering that, you know,

Dogs, instinctual animals, they're just doing what seems natural to them. They don't necessarily know that, you know, chewing on the furniture or pooping in the living room is bad. So then for us to tailor our well to them, really, and make it as comfortable for them as possible. So I think, as long as you're really focused on these things and you're willing to work with them, then I think you're going to prove it in the behaviors. It's also worth noting if there is any drastic changes in your daughter

Yeah, you should. The first thing you should do is go to a bet because some certain health issues can cause them to act out in ways that they wouldn't necessarily be done before. That's brilliant, fact that such great advice as well because I'm sure that people just trying to work it but there is a advice out there and then obviously, when everyone returns to normal Jesse's, here to walk your dog because it's really it is really difficult living in central, London. I know some people that said, I've always wanted a dog but I just can't do around my routine. So, it's good for them to know that you are.

Are out there and your services available to them. And also I know that you you mention quite a lot which I really like on your website that you, you loved him like you'd like to help out vulnerable people with walking their dogs. So tell us a little bit more about that. Yeah so I'm I offer a free or heavily discounted service to anybody who is currently physically unable to care for their dog and that of course is extending to now where it's even more important.

So, I will ask if anyone does know of anyone, maybe an elderly relative or friend or neighbor, who could benefit from having someone, take their dog out and about, then please let me know because I'd be more than happy to help. And I'm also sending this offer to NHS workers essential workers, you know, anyone who is on the Frontline, helping us at the moment because you're doing such a great job.

That's really great. And you said because I saw that you have been able to do it as well during covid like during the lockdown. So you were doing like, you know, picking dogs up front porches. Is that right? Yes. So my Approach has been. If they have a porch, then let the dog out there. I will bring my own leads to try and minimize any sort of contact, and I'll put the dog on the lead, and then lead them out from there anyway, just to try and maintain that to me to distance. I know

Sometimes it's really difficult but yeah I try at the moment. I'm minimizing contact with the dogs as well. So you know, get the leads on, get them to the park and then unfortunately try not to make too much of a fuss of them because, you know, its it hasn't been proven whether we can pass the virus on to the dogs, but cases have been seen. I mean, there's 26 million like that. No, 26 percent of households in the UK have dogs. So I think if it were a big danger, we may have seen

You know, just in case it is definitely worth just minimizing that contact and when you're out and about not touching other people's dogs or anything like that. Yeah, that's good. Well done, especially helping out. You you also run a coffee isn't coffee morning, coffee lunch for the charity so I get I participate in the tricycle pets against loneliness. They do a really wonderful job that we host coffee mornings.

Best day every day of every month in Stoke, Newington and local vulnerable. Or more isolated residents who don't necessarily get to socialize every day. Come to our coffee mornings and then other local people with dogs come along. We all bring cakes. We've been coffee and we just sit around all morning. Having the chat getting to know each other will often have some entertainment. So we've had local historians, come to talk to us stuff like that. So it's really something we're hoping to roll.

Out across more of London, as well.

That sounds fantastic. I want to come, I don't even have a dog. I've got another, you step. I used to have a Turf. I just wanted to choose the most random paranoia. I'm just gonna go through a few of these questions just before. Can you see the chat as? Well, that's where my eyes. Keep in mind to it, I can see them now. So Becky said what?

Advice, would you give if your dog isn't eating? They recently got a rescue dog and she's not eating much for us. Okay? Then, um, I would say maybe it might be worth checking in with whoever was looking after them, for maybe the rest of the shelter to see what food they were eating. Then sometimes, if you change the dog's diet, you can react negatively of this Summit bit. Yeah, looks can be fussy. Needles can be choosing, but I would also recommend talking to you about this well, because I like about time

My kids obviously be an indication of him being a bit poorly. It may just be that he is nervous and unsettled being in an English surrounding. So just keep reassuring him showing them that he's loved. And yeah. Hopefully hopefully he'll start to pick up soon as I think they've been with the family for about a week now. So it's just kind of warming up like a little me and Alan Hume has written my dog hates the bath, and will not go into that fight.

And then it's for a minute at a time, which makes such a mess. Any advice on how to get him in there and happy with it, making crafts in a rugby team and pickles down. We did actually have this exact situation the other day. We decided to give her a bath. It wasn't too keen on hopping in the bath in the first place, but will click on the fashion if you drink to him, he was putty in our hands. But he is a very easy dog. And other than just, again,

Showing him that it's okay. A giving him lots of treats or some positive reinforcement. I would say that's kind of the best you can do. Some dogs will never be good babies. Enjoy the mess, Alan. It's always fun when they think they've had enough washing. They just shake every we're getting the whole bar French. So I mean, if you had her out doors and a hose sometimes it's a bit easier, being able to hang your have them on the lead and give them a wash down.

The hose as well. But yeah, it is personally, I just think it's one of those things that if you've got a dog, he doesn't like it. He's always gonna be difficult. Thank you so much for joining us on here today. Jess, I think they are feel from the comments. Everybody is absolutely loved you and they love the service that you're giving. So we're really, really pleased with what we're doing guys. You have to check out this website. It's really funny.

Me so it's a coupe Doggy Dogg. Co dot u k. So explains about Jess's Services explains about the packages. She offers the legalities of everything and they're still best of all, it's meet the pack, you have to visit because she's kept it along the same theme who what's book called? He's burnt the first run and so original and also let them know about your what's your Instagram?

Okay, so you can find me at London dog. Walker Coupe dog. I've had lots of nonsense. Lots of silly, dog means all my yeah, goings and yeah, can't do words. Now is basically brilliant. Thank you so much and on Facebook. It's the same as well, but we'll put all in our when we post this will put it all in there for everyone so that they can just click on it and it'll be nice and easy.

But thank you, stay safe, thank you, Bert. And we really enjoyed speaking to you and thanks for everybody that's tuned in today. And you've been great. And we've got another one tomorrow for our Friday. Oh, there you are, so cute.

Whole ugly. She sit here all day or so as well. Get alive, but Camp going. Yes it cleaning. And thank you so much. I think everybody's just found it very informative and you've been absolutely brilliant. Have a lovely weekend coming up and yeah, I hope to meet you in person soon because we're interesting, like near Kings Cross. Anyway, so you should bring the dogs by all this.

Thanks everyone for joining. Have a good day.

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