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How to clean your extractor fan

How to clean your extractor fan By Greater London Properties A dirty filter means that the extractor fan has to be run at a higher setting to achieve the expected results and this increases the energy consumption and noise. Therefore, the grease filter in a cooker hood must be cleaned regularly (approx once a month) […]

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How To Bleed A Radiator?

If a radiator is cool at the top and warm at the bottom you will need to bleed the radiator. Trapped air in the system prevents the heated water from circulating around the radiator fully and so the radiator often feels warmer at the bottom.

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How to check the pump filter on your washing machine

Get advice on how to check the pump filter on your washing machine…   Many problems, such as the machine not draining properly, or stopping part way through a cycle, are caused by foreign objects finding their way into the pump area. This sometimes happens with small socks or colour catchers, but you should ensure […]

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